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MBA Specializations: DSCASC's Approach to Tailoring Business Education

Over the last decade, the Indian economy has experienced tremendous growth, throwing up a host of opportunities in various spheres. This has led to a huge demand for smart marketing and management professionals with current skills. Let us look at some of the emerging trends and spaces, skills expected by the industry from MBA professionals, and those being imparted by Dayananda Sagar College of Arts, Science and Commerce (DSCASC), part of Dayananda Sagar Institutions.

Specializations - Considering the competitiveness in the industry, an MBA can no longer afford to be a generalist but a domain expert. Companies prefer to hire MBAs with adequate domain knowledge in their chosen areas. DSCASC offers an MBA with specialisations in Banking, Finance and Insurance, Marketing, Finance & HRM, and Startup and SME. The department has close associations with industries in specific domains and has empaneled reputed professionals from each of these domains who interact with students guiding them on the skills and the knowledge required to be accepted post their successful graduation.

Digital transformation and tech integration

- Businesses are increasingly getting digital. In 2023, for the very first time, advertising spends on digital were higher than spends on broadcast and television (the traditional media). So today’s managers need to have a good understanding of the space, the platforms, the methodologies and the concepts of data analytics, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cyber security. The curriculum, developed in consultation with industry professionals, imparts the latest in technologies and trends.

The institution has also forged alliances with tech companies whose representatives conduct several workshops and seminars on various technologies that are enabling today’s marketing initiatives.

Soft skills and leadership development

- Marketing and management is all about interactions, making an impression, clear communication, and teamwork. Technical skills and domain knowledge apart, these skills are necessary for career success. The department incorporates several activities that improve communication, flexibility, teamwork, and emotional intelligence. Towards developing competent leaders, mentorship programs are also integrated into the curriculum.

Global perspective - As businesses become global, Management programs are focusing intensely on international exposure. This includes alliances with overseas universities, exchange programs, and overseas internships. It is imperative for students to gain exposure to different cultures and business practices. Students are exposed to various business cases from different domains across the globe and several studies are discussed in detail to impart students with an understanding of the global business environment.

Innovation and entrepreneurship – It’s the era of entrepreneurship. The startup ecosystem is thriving, and companies are encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset. In response to this development, PGDM and MBA programs now offer specialised entrepreneurial tracks or majors. This involves providing entrepreneurship education, startup incubators, and resources for prospective business people.

Aggressive aptitude - Considering MBAs have to function in highly competitive business environments, they need to be aggressive, proactive and hold a mind-set of trying to create win-win situations in their approach to business. This becomes critical to success and is the hallmark of a leader. The department conducts several role plays and provides mock scenarios, encouraging students to take decisions while understanding how actual business environments work. It is imperative today that students become self-starters and innovators considering that they would more often than not be expected to drive profit-centres in their careers.

Networking and self-branding

– Contacts are everything and this is a proven aspect in business circles worldwide. Whether it is getting your first job or getting a recommendation for a citation or a leadership position, contacts and references matter and it is essential to network with your peers and the community at large from day one. Students are equipped with the latest online marketing strategies that will help them be visible, connect with peers, share thoughts and be recognised in their ecosystem. This is essential whether you are attracting a potential employer or an investor.

DSCASC stands as one of India's leading institutions in UG and PG education, renowned for offering one of the most sought-after MBA programs—a 2-year full-time course. Our institution boasts world-class infrastructure and amenities, supported by experienced professionals with rich industry experience. The syllabus undergoes constant upgrading, with extensive inputs from the industry to ensure students are equipped for promising careers.

At DSCASC, Students have the opportunity to pursue dual specializations under Bangalore University by selecting their focus area from the diverse streams such as HR, Finance, Marketing and Business Analytics. We provide electives across various specialization streams, such as Banking Finance and Insurance Services, Startup and SME, in addition to Marketing, Finance, and HRM.

Moreover, we employ advanced pedagogy techniques such as storytelling, case-let methodology, workshops, and mini-projects as embedded components of the program. We also encourage participation in Certification Programs like ICICI Securities, Financial Modeling, Investment Banking, and MS Office. Our program is distinguished by 100% placement training by professionals, making it a super niche among B-Schools.

Furthermore, we provide one-to-one student counseling and mentoring by trained faculty members. National and international study tours are also part of our curriculum, aimed at enhancing corporate grasp and providing a holistic learning experience.

We offer electives under different specialization streams, including Banking Finance and Insurance Services, Startup and SME, alongside Marketing, Finance, and HRM. Students can choose two specializations